Our team are dedicated to help achieve your needs in all aspects of precision grinding, from cylindrical grinding round parts to flat parts. We will only undertake the work if we are confident the required specifications will be achieved.


Denner Kelford Grinding gained AS9100 Rev D certification to keep up with supplier demand on quality assurance and to follow the correct and proper procedures they demand.


Our machines cover a varied range of size components, from being held between centres, magnetic chuck or on a 3-4 jaw chuck. These parts can range from as small as 2mm up to 355mm diameter, and up to just under 2 meters in length.

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Denner Kelford Grinding Ltd (DK Grinding) are universal precision grinders specialising in all aspect of the grinding process, we are an AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified UKAS registered company. With over 55 years of universal precision grinding experience behind us, we are more than capable of producing your items to your exact specifications.

Quality of service:
We take pride in each and every single item that leaves our work shop. Our clients know that they can rely on the quality of our workmanship which conforms to the highest certified UKAS standards.

You can contact DK Grinding either by phone or via email, contact details can be found here.

Our main market sectors

We cater for many sectors, below are just three examples


Surface grinding


Cylindrical grinding


Precision grinding

From precision cylindrical grinding, surface, internal & external, chuck work, centre work, bores and centreless grinding to angle and radius precision grinding plus much more. We grind in all order quantities using both conventional and CNC grinding methods.

We machine grind all forms of metals including chrome, aluminium, iron, steel, tungsten, titanium as well as natural or man made.

From machining universal precision prototypes (for example pistons, rods, shafts etc), surface or centreless grinding to production grinding. We have the capacity to grind up to 1900mm in length and 355mm in diameter.

We are capable of precision grinding all non-exotic and exotic materials without any issues whatsoever, we also provide a universal repair services by chroming and re-grinding parts back to their original state. DK Grinding can supply and make complete parts, or just grind your existing components.

The extreme diversity of our business is clearly demonstrated by the variety of industries which make up our client base. DK Grinding caters for multiple industries which includes aerospace and motorsport (for example F1 and rallying).

No matter the size of your shafts, pins, bushes, rods etc or how complex your parts, you can rely on our ability to complete your project to your exact specifications. If your engineering tolerances are tight and you're on a short time frame, you can contact us reguarding our services and to find out what we can do to help you. We will always do our utmost to accommodate your specific requirements.

Quality assured

All work is carried out to the highest standards and quality
DK Grinding Ltd are an AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified registered company
We work to both AS9100 and ISO 9001 standards

Some of our services

Below are some services that we supply
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